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About Us

Park Ave Pharmacy was established several years ago as a local town pharmacy with a wide range of healthcare products in our inventory.  We’ve grown our scope of services since then – we are now offering compounding services, immunization shots and drug counseling.  Our wide range of pharmaceutical products and services built us a reputation in this industry as we personalize our services for our individual clients in the community of Paterson, New Jersey.

We know our clients experience challenges when it comes to medication and/or searching for pharmacy products:

  • Physicians prescribe expensive medication
  • Traditional medication does not fit well with the patient’s taste buds
  • Young patients won’t take their medication because of weird flavoring
  • Searching for the right type of veterinary medication
  • Purchasing affordable but durable medical equipment

These are a few of the many concerns that our customers face.  However, Park Ave Pharmacy is ready to assist customers in addressing such concerns.  We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, an extensive inventory of healthcare supplies, a network of brand distributors and manufacturers of medication and nutritional supplements – and most importantly, we provide friendly service through expert pharmacists.

We stand firm in serving the good folks of Paterson, New Jersey with exceptional services from the heart.  Thank you for trusting Park Ave Pharmacy!

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